PUK Co-leader receives EU ambassador to Iraq and Head of EU office in Kurdistan Region

  2020-09-25 16:07      351 View Count        Comment

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan's Co-leader, Lahur Talabany, received European Union ambassador to Iraq and Head of EU office in Kurdistan Region, in Slemani, Thursday, Sep 24, 2020.

"Pleased to receive Martin Huth, European Union (EU) Ambassador to Iraq and Vincent Guillaume Poupeau, Head of EU office in the Kurdistan Region. We exchanged views on the latest developments in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region. I thanked Martin Huth for his congratulations on my becoming Co-President and I shed light on the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan’s (PUK) party conference which is a new PUK that seeks to serve the people of Kurdistan." PUK Co-leader wrote in his Facebook account.

Regarding the relations between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad, Lahur Talabany reiterated that dialogue is the only way to reach an agreement within the framework of the constitution.

He also asserted' "For our relations with the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) we emphasized exchanging views and reaching mutual understanding on all the issues and that we seek a real participation in the government with full transparency."


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