Soran Jamal receives French Consul General, improving bilateral relations

  2020-09-10 21:22      449 View Count        Comment

Head of PUK Foreign Relations, Soran Jamal Tahir, received French Consul General, Olivier Decottignies, at PUK political bureau in Erbil, Thursday, Sep 10.

Both sides discussed recent political changes and developments of the region and KRI, and positively mentioned president Macron’s visit to Iraq.

"I thanked french government and people for their constant support of the kurdish cause and their constant cooperation. Hence, kurds have always considered France an ally." Head of PUK Foreign Relations wrote in his Facebook account.

In turn, Olivier Decottignies expressed his gratitude for this meeting and reaffirmed president Mam Jalal’s role in building a strong relation between kurds and France. He also reiterated implemetation of strategic projects for helping the kurdish people, as it has been done in the past, by France and french companies in the future.


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