Sulaimani: An amazing heart surgery was done for the first time in Iraq

  2018-11-24 12:48      426 View Count        Comment
Dr. Rekawt Hama Rashid, Minister of Health.

Today, on November 24, 2018 changing a heart valve surgery without doing an open incision was done in Sulaimani city for the first time in Iraq.

Dr. Rekawt Hama Rashid, Minister of Health of Kurdistan Region, said in a press conference that “Despite the crises, treatments of heart diseases and surgery are improving year by year in Kurdistan Region, especially in Sulaimani city”

He also pointed out that “now for replacing a heart valve, doing open heart surgery is not required, instead the operation is done through a catheter and patients can live hospital at the same day. For thus, patients are no longer need to travel abroad for receiving treatment”

Regarding its cost the Minister said “the operation costs 40000$ which is funded by the Kurdistan Regional Government.


Prepared by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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