Bafel Talabani holds meeting with military commanders, discusses army furtherance

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PUK co-leader Bafel Talabani met up with the commanders of 70 Unit Peshmarga brigade, on Tuesday, Aug 25.

Mustafa Chawrash, Chief of 70 Unit Peshmarga brigade, explained the structure of the force and reiterated on their responsibility to protect Kurdistan Region. Then Bafel Talabani addressed the steps of training, reorganizing and improving the military units.

“Peshmarga forces shall be retrained militarily, and the army structure should be at the expectation of contemporary military unit" and for thus he outlined its bases.

Concerning the Peshmarga’s role in the confrontation with terrorists, and their sacrifices and volunteering for the stability of Kurdistan Region, PUK co-chair appreciated their role, task and responsibility. “We are proud of Kurdistan’s Peshmarga for their hard, prestigious mission and brave role in providing stability and security.” He pointed out.

He also designated the Peshmarga forces to always remain in the service of Kurdistan’s stability and carry out any mission that is in favor of public interest.

Edited by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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