U.S Consul General reiterates support for Kurdistan Region and Ministry of Peshmarga

  2020-08-25 12:00      345 View Count        Comment

Minister of Peshmarga received US Consul General to Kurdistan Region to address bilateral tie and continued cooperation so as to preserve the stability and security of the region, and confront terrorist groups.

Shorsh Ismael, Kurdistan Region’s Minister of Peshmarga with Sarbast Lazgin, Deputy Minister of Peshmarga, welcomed US Consul General Rob Waller and his accompanying delegation, on Monday, Aug 24.

During the meeting, in which the military consultant of US forces attended, Waller reiterated on his country’s continued support and cooperation with Kurdistan Region and Peshmarga ministry. Waller also expressed they were optimistic about resuming the co-understanding between Peshmarga ministry and Iraqi Defense ministry over the outstanding issues existing between them through the same mechanisms both sides have formerly worked on.

Minister of Peshmarga stated “Due to the support, and cooperation with US forces and the military consultants of the coalition forces in Iraq and Kurdistan Region, we have made important steps, and have hope for further progress and triumph.”

Edited by: Dr. Yadasht Salih





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