Deputy PM recommences works in strategic Dukan Touristic Project, "Big step toward strengthening economic infrastructure" he says

  2020-08-24 08:58      710 View Count        Comment

On Sunday, Aug 23, Deputy PM of Kurdistan Region Qubad Talabani, held a video conference meeting with the supreme committee of Dukan Tourism Project, which is a strategic tourism project in Dukan town of Slemani governorate.

Qubad Talabani addressed the importance of this strategic project, which will provide a large number of job opportunities from the beginning stages of its establishment and will be a source for great trading movement in Kurdistan Region in general, apart from giving a beautiful touristic view to the region.

"We decided to provide every support for the Dukan tourism project, to be put into work in the closest opportunity," the KRG deputy PM said on his official facebook page. Adding, "This is a great strategic and national project, it is part of the government plan to develop tourism and diversify sources of income with the support of the private sectors,"

Talabani also highlighted that "This is a big step toward strengthening our economic infrastructure, and it is taking advantage of the natural beauty and lake of Dukan, which can be an exemplar for other touristic places."


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