Kosrat Rasul issued a statement after the announcement of the electoral results

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Kosrat Rasul, Deputy Secretary General of PUK.

From Kosrat Rasul to the political parties and  authorities

In the name of God, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful

My dear brothers and sisters from all the political authorities and parties,

After the finishing process of the election and announcement of the results by the Independent High Electoral Commission, and despite our comments and notifications on the process, I congratulate the Kurdish people and all the political parties and factions over practising this democratic process. We send our gratitude to all the Kurds in individual that had trust in their representatives.

In this new phase, after the ending of the electoral process and issuing of the results, I ask all the political blocs and powers to initiate a new phase and open a new sheet of paper for the sake of our nation’s supreme profits, because the Kurdish people’s national profit is greater than each faction that regards itself greater than it.

The changes in the region and the possibilities open to us, requires from all of us to sit on a discussion-table, contribute in the next Kurdistan Regional government and further working to serve Kurdistan and delivering more services to our citizens. And this is achieved by participation of all and abandonment of the rivalries.

It is also important for all the Kurdistani parties to be able to participate hand in hand as one team in the next Iraqi government formation and obtaining all the shares allocated to our nation so as to have a more effective contribution and attaining Kurdish people’s national and constitutional rights.

Kosrat Rasul Ali

Deputy Secretary General of PUK


Translated by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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