Kurdistan parliament discusses changes occurring at the border crossings, asking Finance and Regional Ministers to attend

  2020-08-18 12:06      384 View Count        Comment

Head of economic committee in Kurdistan parliament says they have sent a letter to the Minister of Finance and Economy and Minister of Kurdistan Region for negotiating with Federal government, so as to attend their committee’s meeting and give information regarding the changes taking place at the border crossings and check points.

Zyad Jabar, head of economic committee in Kurdistan Regional parliament, asserted that there was a regular meeting of the economic committee yesterday and they wanted to obtain clarification on two files; the decisions and steps KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government) have taken at the border crossings, and their committee has decided to visit all the border checkpoints in order to be familiar about how the tasks are going. Therefore, they have asked the two ministers two attend the next meeting.

Regarding the conveyance of budget from Baghdad to Kurdistan Region, “After the Economic and Finance Minister Visits parliament, the issue of budget’s transmission from Iraq will also be part of our discussion,” Jabar said.




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