A statement from Leadership Council of PUK

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A view of the meeting

 Earlier today Leadership Council of PUK met up to discuss the current Regional election, PUK's electoral campaign, and some other issues regarding the region and Iraq. In the meeting, the councils' members pledged their support to PUK list 105.

Here is the context of the statement:

Earlier today, on September 13, the PUK's leadership council held an unusual meeting under the supervision of the deputy of PUK secretary general (Kosrat Rasool) to debate on the Regional election, Iraq's status and the request of CDJ (Coalition for Democracy and Justice) to reunite with PUK.
The meeting re-evaluated the recent changes occurring in Iraq, PUK and KDP politburo's gathering, the election and Kirkuk's status. As a consequence, the council appreciated the changes arose in the Shiite and Sunni blocs' opinions on making the biggest bloc, the pattern of choosing the PM and his predecessors, asked to make use of these changes for an active contribution, choosing a qualified candidate to presidency's position, prime minister, and to agree on the PUK and KDP's project.
As to the electoral outcomes and Kirkuk's situation, the meeting reiterate on returning of a civilian ruling to Kirkuk and other disputed areas that are included in constitutional Article 140. Peshmarga, security forces, and federal government's police together have to govern Kirkuk and other provinces. And this, in PUK perspective, is contingent upon opting a governor based on the latest elections' results in Kirkuk- which must be solely the PUK-elected governor.
Regarding the demand of CDJ, the leadership praised the overture and made a supreme committee to negotiate and reconvene eventually. Additionally, expressed our gratitude for commencing the election's campaign in Raparin gateway, and decided to gather the officials of the party's political bureau for the sake of the election's triumph and to opt in how to divvy out the PUK members in the best way. Furthermore, the different media bodies of PUK ought to broadcast the electoral campaign, activities of the faithful candidate, members and PUK head list 105 with great eager and passion.

Leadership Council of PUK


Translated by: Yadasht Salih


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