PUK politburo: Reform shall not solely include employee's salary, but all sectors and revenues

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PUK politburo/Photo archive.

In the light of the Kurdistan regional government’s decision about reducing the salary of the Kurdistan regional’s employee by 21% and providing the 79% instead, for one month, the unexpected PUK politburo’s meeting stated:

Despite its support for the PUK team in Kurdistan regional government including the deputy PM and the gracious ministers for participating in this decision alongside the rest of the parties of Kurdistan regional government, we state:

Although PUK is the representative of the struggling people of Kurdistan and through this perspective PUK is at odds with reducing the salary of people and Kurdistani employees who deserves much more service, due to the abnormal situation of Kurdistan region, Iraq, the region, plummeting of oil price which is the main economic source of Kurdistan region and Iraq and, due to the spread of coronavirus that has halted all the institutions and bodies  of the Region, we know Kurdistan regional government has issued that tough decision reluctantly.

PUK political bureau asks the Kurdistan regional government’s delegation, who are about to visit Baghdad soon with the aim of completing the negotiations with the federal government, to stress more on the legitimate and constitutional rights of Kurdish people. Also, urges the regional government with all the parties encompassing, to take serious and real steps to reform in all the sectors of revenues and payment of the region and, the reform not to include solely the employee’s salary in this phase, but rather to encompass the entire economic institutions, constructions, oil companies, the revenues of all parties and groups and to implement transparency in all the revenues, payments and oil companies.

Beside, PUK politburo demands that for the future and following months, the files of salary and financial share of the employees should be imposed by government’s suggestion and within parliament and the final decision shall be left for the parliament which is the supreme legislation and scrutiny institution.

Translated by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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