In the light of theoretical, political, social, economic and cultural interpretations and its historical root as a party for renewal, the PUK can be re-defined as:

a social democratic party of the Iraqi Kurdistan nation. It represents primarily workers and toilers, striving for national liberation and to establish a secularly based democratic system and a society modern enough to be in harmony with the current world situation. It also maintains its struggle for social justice to be accordance with the tenets of balanced and peaceful coexistence, which tenets are the provision of prosperity, the protection of human rights and individual rights, equality between men and women and equality before the law.

The PUK strives to provide equality in job opportunities, to promote the independence of individuals, to prevent oppression and to eradicate racial- and gender-based discrimination.
The PUK, as a Kurdish party performing its organizational work in Iraqi Kurdistan and Iraq as whole, has a further duty to accomplish at the Iraqi level: to help establish an Iraqi republic based on federalism, democracy, and the parliamentary process, whose principles have been set forth in a constitution. The PUK sees Iraq as a platform from which to defend the democratic achievements of all Iraqi people and the Kurdish nation so that citizenship in Iraq will not be used as an excuse for limiting diversity but rather becomes a country that is multi-ethnic, multi-religious, and multi-sectarian. These principles shall become the basis of our modern civil rights. 

This is the basis for the social democratic stance of the PUK, wherein the PUK, as a movement of liberation in Kurdistan, will join socialism with democracy as suitable grounds for transformation, free from social chaos and harm.

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